This course is the second course in a three-course sequence, following Quantitative Methods I/FLP0406/FLS5028 (Introductory Statistics).  This course is intended to provide students with the tools necessary to conduct empirical research and to critically read the empirical research of others in the fields of political science, public policy and social sciences more generally.  A significant share of the course is dedicated on the effective interpretation and presentation of statistical results, and on understanding already-published analyses.  The course assumes students have a background in algebra and basic statistical analysis and based on this background introduces students to modern econometrics. The course emphasizes innovative tools for learning quantitative methods and most classes are taught as a flipped classroom. Students will learn to use Stata for the purposes of statistical analysis, and will learn to work with observational and simulated data. For the final assignment, students will replicate a recent published study in a prominent journal in the field.

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