• Session 1 (11/11/19)

    Session 1: Definitions and Major Health Concerns in Reproductive and Perinatal Health, Validity of Inference, Paradigms for Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology; Methodological Challenges in Reproductive & Perinatal Epidemiology
    ·       Define reproductive and perinatal epidemiology
    ·       Identify key reproductive & perinatal health concerns
    ·       Define validity of inference; internal, external and statistical validity
    ·       Describe the hierarchy of evidence based on different epidemiologic study designs
    ·       Define confounding and interaction
    ·       Identify the paradigms for studying reproductive epidemiology
    ·       Define the life course approach to health and development
    ·       Identify the choice of study population and unit of analysis
    ·       Assess temporal proximity between determinants and outcomes
    ·       Understand heterogeneity of reproductive outcomes

  • Session 2 (13/11/19)

    Session 2: Fertility, Fecundity and Impaired Fecundity; Single vs. Double Embryo Transfer


    ·       Discuss epidemiologic research challenges related to the assessment of infertility and pregnancy loss
    ·       Identify common infertility treatments and the history of their development
    ·       Assess trends of recent birth and low birth weight births and reasons for these trends
    ·       Identify differences between single and double embryo transfers and the levels of these procedures in the United States
    ·       Discuss challenges related to the epidemiologic study of single vs. double embryo transfers
    ·       Define equivalence trials and identify when they are appropriate for investigation

  • Session 3 (18/11/19)

    Session 3: Hormonal Contraceptives and Venous Thromboembolism; Measurement of Induced Abortion and Epidemiological challenges in Abortion Research


    ·       Describe fertility regulation, contraceptive methods, contraceptive effectiveness
    ·       Discuss epidemiologic research challenges related to assessment of the relationship between hormonal contraceptives and venous thromboembolism (VTE)
    ·       Discuss challenges and methods to measure the incidence of abortion
    ·       Discuss epidemiological challenges related to assessment of the relationship between induced abortion and mental health

  • Session 4 (19/11/19)

    Session 4: Aging and reproduction, Adverse Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy


    ·       Discuss the interrelation of reproductive and perintal health events and women’s subsequent cardiovascular risk
    ·       Define hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and understand reasons for its use
    ·       Discuss methodological challenges of epidemiologic studies on the adverse effects of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)