Segunda tarefa - atividade 2

Peer-graded Assignment: E-tivity 2 Submit by August 20, 11:59 PM PDT

Important Information
It is especially important to submit this assignment before the deadline, August 20, 11:59 PM PDT, because it must be graded by others.

If you submit late, there may not be enough classmates around to review your work. This makes it difficult - and in some cases, impossible - to produce a grade. Submit on time to avoid these risks.

My submission

This exercise will help you familiarise yourself with the nature and benefits of conducting a literature review.

Purpose and Task Task:
Having watched the video's , please identify what you consider to be the most important elements of a literature review in no more than 200 words. Submit your composition through this peer assessment tool.

You will be evaluated on whether the submission was genuine. Your peers will also provide 50 words worth of feedback on the submission.

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