Task 4

Aberto: sexta, 10 nov 2017, 00:00
Vencimento: sexta, 24 nov 2017, 23:00

Upon the completion of the full cycle of this e-tivity, you will have formulated, in draft form, an overarching research question, and a plan of action to complete the research. In doing this, you will have honed your writing, research and analytical skills.

Purpose and Task

Purpose: To reflect upon the values of a good question, and provide an outline research proposal.

Task: In conjunction with our commentary video below and the selected exemplar videos, please go back to your research question proposed during E-tivity 1 and consider again whether you are still happy with it. Is the question one you are still interested in and one you think worthy of devoting your time and energy to?

After reflecting on your question, please compose an outline plan on how you would follow on from establishing your research question. Once you submit your outline plan, you then need to review a minimum of two proposals submitted by your fellow students. It is your individual responsibility to assess those proposals on the basis of their coherence, logic, and clarity.


You will be evaluated on whether the submission was genuine. Your peers will also provide 50 words worth of feedback on the submission.