Module 7: Phylogenetic Analysis

Due: sexta, 8 dezembro 2017, 6:00

Module 7: Phylogenetic Analysis


Study different phylogenetic trees from different species.


Exercise 1:

Using the mtDNA data discussed in Chapter 5, create a tree comparing human and apes. Discuss the relationship of humans with the other primates and the position of Neanderthal. Compare the trees obtained with and without the Jukes-Cantor correction.

Obs.: the mitochondrial DNA data is attached, the file is human_primates_hvr_2.fasta.

Remove the gaps and make the multiple alignment using the ClustalW, available on

Exercise 2:

Get the following Genbank sequences related to HIV and SIV:

    • NC_001802 - HIV­1  human
    • NC_001722 - HIV­2 human
    • NC_004455 - SIV mandrill (rafiki ^^)
    • NC_001549 - SIV african green monkey 
    • M19499 - SIV maccaca mulatta 
    • M32741 - SIV pig­tailed macaque 
    • X52154 - SIV chimpanzee

and build a phylogenetic tree for the HIV and SIV variations. Use the same methods from the previous exercise to build this tree.

Is it possible to identify the origins of HIV­1 and HIV­2? Analyze the generated tree.

Obs/Curiosity: Bioinformaticians usually use the Phylip tool to build phylogenetic trees.