Module 2: Gene Recognition

Due: sexta, 22 setembro 2017, 6:00

Module 2: Gene Recongnition

Objective: Recognize possible genes in sequences of organelles.


Exercise 1. Find all the ORFs from mitochondrial DNA from the human (NC_001807), the chimpanzee (NC_001643) and the rat (NC_005089). What sequence fraction represents possible genes that codes for proteins?

Obs.: The start codon for mitochondrial DNA is: ATA, and the stop codons are: AGA and AGG.

Exercise 2. Repeat this search for ORFs in the mitochondrial DNA randomized sequences. How big is the largest ORF obtained in each random sequence?

Obs.: The random sequences must be generated by shuffling the nucleotides (p. 35 of the textbook)

Exercise 3. Find the ORF of H. influenzae (NC_000907). Use three different size thresholds. These choices must be justified on the theory from Chapter 2. What is the variation in ORFs number found for each chosen threshold?

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