Case Brief - Judgement of Sep. 7th, 1927

Aberto: segunda, 9 abr 2018, 23:00
Vencimento: segunda, 16 abr 2018, 16:15
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For this week's assignment you are required to brief the Court's majority opinion on the Case of the S.S. Lotus.

I expect you to show that you can identify the main facts of the case, the legal issue in question, the rule or rules applied by the Court, and the reasoning by which the Court arrived at its conclusion. You will not have to analyse the case in the brief, but in order to facilitate discussion in class, you should be prepared to evaluate the Court's decision. For this, a reading of the dissenting opinions will be very useful as reference to them will be made in class.

You have to submit your case brief via Moodle before class. Late submissions will be penalized, and will be accepted only within a week of the due date.