Case Brief - Judgement of April 9th, 1949

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Vencimento: segunda, 14 mai 2018, 16:15

For this week's assignment you are required to brief the Court's majority opinion on the Corfu Channel Case.  In order to facilitate discussion, we will deal with it as two separate decisions, one regarding the claims advanced by the United Kingdom against Albania, and the other on the claims advanced by Albania against the United Kingdom. For the next class, you are required to present the brief of the decision regarding the facts that took place in October, 22, 1946.

I expect you to show that you can identify the main facts of the case, the legal issue in question, the rule or rules applied by the Court, and the reasoning by which the Court arrived at its conclusion. In addition, you are required to present an analysis of the opinion: Has the Court correctly applied the law? Is the Court's reasoning sound? Do you agree with the Court's holding (or holdings) in this case?

You have to submit your case brief via Moodle before class. Late submissions will be penalized, and will be accepted only within a week of the due date.