Weekly Task 08 (13th October) Tweeting the Annals of the Parish

Weekly Task 08: Tweeting The Annals of the Parish by John Galt.

The Annals of the Parish is a novel by John Galt. It is presented as the annual diary of Micah Balwhidder, the parish minister of a small Scottish village from 1760 until 1810. Today we might call it an annual blog. Your weekly task is to turn the novel into a series of tweets by reading one allocated chapter and rewriting it as a tweet. If everyone does this, we will be able to tweet the entire 50 years that the novel covers.


  1. Look at the file ‘Tweeting The Annals of the Parish’ to find your allocated chapter. If your name is not on the list, choose any one of the chapters, 1-51.
  2. Go to an electronic copy of The Annals of the Parish. Find your chapter and read it.
  3. Rewrite the chapter – or part of it – as a tweet, that is an individual text message of up to 140 characters. Do not exceed the 140 character limit.
  4. Upload your tweet in the following format: Year + Tweet, e.g. 1782: Your tweet

Giving the number of the year will help me to arrange the tweets and to reconstruct the novel at the end of the process.

The purpose of the activity is in part to encourage you to read at least one chapter of this wonderful novel, but also to invite you to think about what a parish minister in a small Scottish town during this extraordinary half-century might actually have thought important enough to record.

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