About the assessments

This course is assessed in three parts:

1. 30% of your course grade is based on your timely completion of the weekly participation tasks. There are 13 weekly tasks to be provided, and to achieve a full score you need to complete 10 of them. For each weekly task you complete on time, you will receive a mark of 3, up to a maximum participation score of 30 (10 weekly tasks = 30%).

2. Close reading: this is a mid-semester take-home assignment worth 30%. You are asked to write 800-1000 words on one text, which will be supplied via moodle on 1st October. The deadline for your uploaded essay will be 15th October. (There is no class scheduled for 8th October.)

3. End of semester essay. The final term essay is more theoretical in nature and is worth 40% of the course grade. It is due on 30th November. You will again upload your essay to moodle.



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