Midterm paper - to be done in pairs

     In Terry Eagleton’s Chapter 5, in How to Read a Poem, several elements that can be detected in the analysis of poems are examined in detail. These elements — connotation, tone, mood, intensity, texture, grammar, ambiguity, punctuation, rhymes and imagery  —  have also been examined  in the different poems read in class during our discussion about this text.

     Choose a poem of your preference, in English, which as not been discussed so far in the course and that is not on the syllabus, and comment on the use of at least three of these aspects. Observe how Eagleton comments on the aspects as he analyzes the poems in the article so that you have a model to follow. Please attach a copy of the poem. 

Approximate length: 2-3 pages, space 1,5, Times New Roman or Arial. 

Please follow the ABNT principles for academic papers (including References).

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