02 Individual Paper (1200-1500 words). Upload here by 30th November

Choose ONE of the following questions to discuss. You should upload your assignment to moodle no later than 30th November.  The format of the essay should be in a conventional style (eg MLA, APA); Times New Roman font; 1.5 spacing. The word limit includes your bibliography.

(i) In a review of an anthology of Scottish poetry, published in 1919 in The Atheneum, T.S. Eliot asked, ‘Was there a Scottish Literature?’ Much later, in 2007, Alan Riach, an academic and poet responded with an essay that asked ‘Was there a British Literature?’ Drawing on your primary and secondary reading for this course, how would you answer Eliot’s and Riach’s questions?

(ii) Drawing on examples from different periods over the last 500 years, illustrate how the use of literary Scots and English has developed in form and meaning.

(iii) Is Scottish literature non-hegemonic? You can illustrate your answer from primary and secondary reading from any period covered by the course.

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