01 Take-home test: Close reading (800-1000 words). Upload here by October 15th

Take-home test: Close reading (800-1000 words).

In this take-home test, you will be given a set of texts to consider, selected from the writers and works so far discussed in the course. You will choose one text to discuss in close detail.  In your answer you should think about the following issues and organize them into a coherent essay:

  • How the text is framed (what are its location and contents; how does it situate the reader or listener?)
  • What form does it take? (what is the genre; what metaphors and allusions are used?
  • How – if at all – is Scots used in the text?)
  • Pay attention to style - would you describe the poem as high, low or plain style? Justify your decision with detailed discusson of the vocabulary, grammar, rhyme scheme, metre, etc.
  • Are there any cultural issues that a modern reader - from Brazil - needs to be aware of?

Texts will be made available on moodle on the 01st October, and you should upload your essay to moodle no later than 15th Oct. (Times Roman 12; 1.5 spacing)

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